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What I’ve been looking for

I’ve been searching for a few years for something that could help me link activities to notes as (especially as a student) the vast majority of my notes are connected to an overall project/subject as well as a date and time. Everything that I’ve been trying seemed to either get one or the other (with the exception of OneNote, but I found its meeting notes feature clunky and hard to use). This app is a great unification of both of them; my only concern is the inablity to add inline images, but I’ve read that that feature is one of the next to be pushed into production. I look forward to using this app to manage my notes and tasks in the future.

Much Potential But Has Issues

I am a big fan of this app and hope to watch it develop. Pros: Elegant design. Good way to organize projects,surface tasks, and get things on a calendar. Cons: Sorting notes within categories seems wonky. When entering a lot of material in notes they don’t “collapse” as they should. No way to attach files to notes. No dark mode.

Great app, love the flow, editing quirky but loveable

Thanks devs! Absolutely love the feature based pricing model btw, I feel upset at some of the reviews from people misunderstanding the purity and transparency of the model. Soo much better than a subscription. I have really been enjoying this fusion of notes / todo / scheduler / (???) apps. I put question marks because I feel like this is one of those apps where someone could come up with a crazy left-field workflow and surprise everyone with the apps versatility. The markdown rendering has some quirks here and there, ocassional sticky formatting (ie, can’t get out of bold mode unless I copy paste some regular body text) plus some surprising performance heartbeat skips when cutting, pasting, applying formats to text you wrote 5 mins ago (rather than remembering to format on the go) or just any kind of rapid pace retrospective editing. Maybe it’s the pace not the rendering? Either way, I think my #1 most desired feature request would be a toggle into a raw Markdown editing mode: no automatic rendering, just pure Markdown, fast and performant!

smart workflow model, marred by clumsy editing engine

The app’s integration of notebook and calendar is a really smart idea—one that would be very useful for myself and, I suspect, many others. Unfortunately, the note editing engine is not quite up to primetime yet. The undo function is very buggy and messes up my text. Sadly, this makes it a pain to use. If the editor can be refined so that it’s spry and lightweight, the app could really shine. Update: Still keeping an eye on Agenda. I’m hopeful the kinds can be ironed out.

Lovin’ it! The note manager of my dreams . . .

I have been looking for some time for a note ‘manager’ and honestly think that I finally found it. I’m presently a PhD student with a head full of ideas and thoughts about my reading(s) and research that needed some serious ‘organization’. But . . . that ‘organization’ also had to allow for some ‘rhizomatic’ connections among all of the various projects and notes. No prior note taking/management tool had provided that in a way that I found useful. Until I came across Agenda. Thank you. THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU!!! There are some things I wouldn’t mind seeing creep into an update in the future: (1) viewable keywords and persons lists (2) maybe even as a pick list (3) maybe even showing the number of times a particular keyword/person is used Or, are these already there and I just have not found them? Thank you, again!

In general, love it/use it, but....

I am curious how I can get support. I am on mojave, using both Agenda 2.2.1 and iphone app. I have previously had an agenda community login but now it will not log me in through the app and I can not log in online without a password and there is no "recover password" option. So I can not contact support directly. I wonder if the devs read these reviews? tsk tsk.

Sync is a fail. The app would be great to use but I need it to work with all my Apple devices

This looks like a promising app but the sync has an iCloud Drive dependency that’s not necessary. The forums read like sync is a difficult thing to do but I have several other apps that use iCloud just fine without having to enable iCloud Drive. So, you have to create a confusing account with the vendor that only gives you access to a community. I don’t think it’s required in any way for a sync. I work in an environment where administrators have disabled access to drive from personal accounts… Again, other apps that use sync DO work just fine. An alternative to have other cloud services work with sync is an ok idea but I don’t want to have to manage that if all I need to do is turn on iCloud sync for all of my devices and be done.

I really like it!

If I can learn to make this my go to note taker/calender/project manager, then I will be super happy! the challenge is getting into the hapbit of using it. the really cool thing is they have a huge community people who post forums on how they use it! Super helpful! I really like it!

4 stars for beauty but can’t replace Evernote yet for me.

This seems like a beautiful writing app. The layout is gorgeous plus having it now on iPhone too is a plus. Right now though I can’t seem to find a use case for it. For me, having projects and checklists without notifications is useless. Maybe I’m missing something and that does exist. Another feature that could make Agenda an Evernote competitor for me is a web version with web clipper. My projects include writing and reference material from the web (including photos) so this would add value for me. Handwriting with Apple Pencil on iPad would also bring it up to speed. Agenda is off to a good start. Clearly they have top notch designers. I’ll be watching!

Actually a really great app with super-responsive support/devs.

I’ve been using the free version of Agenda for Mac and iOS for 6 weeks, now. I’m really digging the simple, no-frills design and the whole timeline of notes. The ‘Today’ feature is my go-to every morning. I will say, I went to Agenda for a Wunderlist replacement. I use it as a task manager, assigning dates to each note and taking care of them when they pop up on my ‘Today’ list. I feel like the app is trying NOT to be a todo list and more of a note organizer (which it does very well). With a couple of tweaks, like a better way to manage completed tasks (sink to bottom, grey out, archive), I feel like this app could take off quite well. Developers are really open with the Agenda community about what they are working on and where the app is headed.

Bringing it ALL together

I spend time planning for meetigns to make the most of them. Agendas, Notes, Attendees, Actions, etc. I end up with notes on paper, notes in iCal entries, notes in Notes, and it’s really difficult to tie them all together. Agenda does a WONDERFUL job of letting me tie it all together. The not-so-good: clunky keyboard shortcuts for formatting text. How does Apple Notes handle an indented list with a “-“ as the header? You just type a “-“ followed by a space! Agenda? either click Format/Lists/Bullet Lists or hover for a little circle, then right click then click Lists/Bullet Lists or use Shift-⌘- — No support for native attachments - can only link to a file in Finder, and not surprisingly, if that file is moved, link is broken. No support for image attachments or even image linking. How many times have you taken a marker board photo and then done nothing with it? If only you could import the image to Agenda and make it part of your notes! The really good- Link a meeting in the past to a note. Can’t remember who attended? Oh, when you link the people are automatically added! Link a note to another note! Tag items for the “On the Agenda” view inside tons of notes and get a “welcome to your day” list of “things” without having to build a list of To-Dos! Organize notes, data, thoughts, lists by the “Project” and let Agenda put the things you’ve flagged on a single view, so you can spend time focusing one one project at a time and not making notes in two (or more) places to manually tie it all together. There IS NOW and iOS app and on iPad, it’s AWESOME There is nothing in the paid-up version that I think I need, so the free version is GREAT.

Honestly amazing! Small things I wish to see in the future but overall LOVE IT!

I really do love this app, it is perfect for my business and personal needs, however there are features I wish I could get out of it. For one, I love that my Agenda app replaces my need for multiple apps like Notes, & Reminders (for the most part). I previously used Wunderlist as my reminder/To-DO’s app but finding an app that fits a little better into my life style in general seemed more convenient and exciting. One thing I use to use my Notes app for was my connect group. Something I would love to see in Agenda is the ability to make text size larger or smaller which is a useful tool I would use in my notes to enlarge imortant notes and make smaller the least important aspects. Another note-taking feature I love to have is the ability to change the color of the text which I cannot seem to do in Agenda. This is important for me because I quote bible verses in my notes and the color red is used to indicate quotes spoken by Jesus, just as you see in bibles with this feature. I also think this feature would be amazing to color- label text based on it’s importance in the message. So adding a text color feature would be amazing for note taking. When it comes to school notes or even business, having the ability to highlight would also be a great feature. I am not sure if this is already possible to do in Agenda, but if it is I haven’t figured it out. My goal with Agenda was to minimize having to use multiple apps to carry out my day-to-day life and activities by keeping everything in one app. Which is what caught my attention about Agenda. For the most part I’ve accomplished this expect for the fact that I find myself having to use Notes when it comes to collabrate sharing. I have not seen this be possible with Agenda. I feel like the sharing aspect of Agenda can be improved to where a group can simultaneously make changes, add, or comment on 1 single project/note. A feature like this would come in handy (BIG TIME) especially for business. I got my sister to download Agenda because it is great for our business, but it would be SO beneficial if we could work in our meeting notes together for our business without having to send it back and forth once changes are made by either party. Collabrative sharing would be a HUGE plus. This is the only feature really holding be back from letting go of Notes app 100% to Agenda. LOVE the fact that you can add dates to projects on Agenda straight from Calendar. But it does bother me a little bit that the note doesnt follow along with calendar date if its for a repeating time period. For example, I have conference call meetings that take place every Sunday, and I linked the calendar event to the note, the note is only added to that one day rather than every Sunday’s meetings as I have set on my calendar app. It is a litle irritating that I have to link the calendar event to the notes for EVERY Sunday to come. Last thing I think could slightly improve is the setup on the iOS version of Agenda. I definitely find it a little more enjoyable to use on my Mac. Overall it is a great app and I don’t regret for one minute purchasing it. These were just personal observations I found would be helpful. Look forward to continue using Agenda and see what neat features might come out in the future.

Need support of older MacOS

The app itself deservs five stars. I able to understand why devs limit backward compatibility but at least couple versions back should be supported. I have iPad, iPhone, MacBook Pro and really old iMac. The iMac is enough for all my tasks at the place, and I don’t plan to ubgrade it yet, but cos I cant use Agenda on 10.11 it ruin the all, and make app meaningless for me. So good app and so useless in my case (((

Great Organizer

Agenda works great for me and definately fits my organization style. Suprising that something like this hadn’t been developed prior. I replaced Omnifocus and have exclusively been using Agenda and I love the change. I know the software will continue to be developed but it’s a very impressive start. Anyone who is looking for a better todo program should definately check this out to see if it fits their style.

Love the Pricing Model

This is an elegant app. Bonus star for the pricing model! People that are giving this bad reviews due to the pricing are ignorant. 1. Its free (and useful as a free app for some people I believe). 2. You can pay extra for more features and when you pay these features are permanently unlocked. 3. When you pay you get all new features free for a year (if the developers are smart they’ll secretly make this 13 months—under promise and over deliver) 4. You keep everything you paid for forever. What’s not to like? No stupid subscription model is involved. I think this is the perfect balance and wish every developer did this. My problem with this is that my life involves year round travel. And I’d like to include reservations, notes and receipts with those trips. As of now I use Evernote, but that’s not a calander and trips work better on a calendar. I’d like to go to a date and find my hotel reservation. Go to another date and find my flight reservation. I tried to drag and drop a PDF and it inserted a hyperlink. I tried a JPEG—same thing. Apparantly it is not even possible to add a picture. It seems like a link would be useful, but things get moved around on a laptop—that’s not the same as having the document stored in the app. Once I filed the PDF in a folder the link broke. So much for my travel history. Of course for all of this to work, I would also need the documents synced to my iPhone. I can’t pull out my laptop when I’m walking around an airport. So for me, this isn’t useful and I’ll have to stick with Evernote for the time being. But I do love the pricing model and the design of the app. Can you please go help Evernote with their wreched design? :)

Great Potential

I really like this app. Been using on iphone and ipad for a little bit of time. recently upgraded to a Mac but cannot seem to sync my premium across to the mac from the iphone. Do not want to pay again for the same things.

Very clean - but needs a few things...

This is a great note taking app. I’ve been looking for something better than Notes and simpler than Pages. As a matter of fact I was in the process of making my own in Swift, but then I saw Agenda and decided to give it a try. I can tell a lot of work has gone into making this app and the developer knows a lot about UX design. As it is free, I recommend that you download it and give it a try. Everybody’s taste is different, but I think this is a very clean app in that it can keep all one's ‘notes’ organized in a single place and have them linked to other Macs. It’s a young app and I believe the developer has some plans for the future. Hence the yearly In App Purchase to help in adding new features. This is a great business model as it will give the developer incentive to add more features while getting paid and avoids the issue of giving everything away free each time a new update comes out over the years to come. Nonetheless, there are a few things that I think are missing that could be added relatively easy. - A thematic break / aka Horizontal Rule (<HR>) … Since I believe the developer is using HTML markup already, this would be easy to add - Optional presence on the top Menu bar (when auto-loaded) and not in the dock, since this is an app you would like to have ready at a second's notice. - Collapsible Notes. To a single line (or option to 2 lines with a caption/excerpt feature) - Sort toggle for Date as ascending and not just descending - New Folder Feature. While you can use a New Category to group Projects and Hide specific Categories, a New Folder Feature that also allow Folder-in-Folder (that can go under Categories) would help immensely with organization. Similar to Apple’s Photos (under the My Album category). These features are crucial if you plan on using this for hundreds of different projects. Lastly, the ability to change the default styles. The font is too small for me (old guy here), and while Plus/Minus can help, that changes the base font. Ability to customize each style including color, (like in Xcode) or bullet styles would be ideal - but that could break a few esthetics and would involve some serious coding. Oh - and I’m looking forward to seeing an iOS version too - but I can work with other items at the moment to integrate into the Mac. Integration into Apps like EverNote would be an ideal (and challenging) approach as well.

Good start, ways to go

I want to like this app, the whole idea of attaching notes to dates is pretty interesting and I can see where it would be very useful. But unforately as a note-pad app it falls pretty short. Can't change the font. Can't insert photos. No handwriting support on iOS. Features even Apple's basic Note Pad app have. I want to like and use this app daily, but unfortunately it can't replace Notability for me at this point. I'll revisit it in the future though, please keep up development!

Pasting images?

Maybe I’m missing something but I could find no way of adding images to my notes. This feature is crucial for the way I use notes.

Seems like my complaint doesn’t deserve a reply.

The account was finally restored. I will give a try to this App, again. But honestly, I would expect this to surpass the Evernote benefits. I need to be able to take notes from any place, clip them from the web, Safari and Chrome extensions please, of course be able to reset a password. Be able to import from Evernote. Integration with other notes and calendar software (24me). What about collaboration with more than one user in a team? Be able to have public and private notes in a team. Integrate with a Project Management tool like Asana or Basecamp. I challenge you to take this from another App to a powerful tool. So still giving one star. Let’s see...

This is an excellent idea with huge potential

Beautiful app, I actually switched from handwritng my worknotes and scanning them to Evernote to using Agenda, and I love it so far. Using this with TextExpander has really changed my workflows for the better. I’d love to see some refinements around tags, especially the people tags - at the very least we need a way to edit those and delete outdated ones. Autocomplete for these tags will be an excellent addition. For notes, I’d love to see a way to hide/archive/collapse old notes. I keep my notes for weekly one-on-ones with my team, and after a few weeks, things start to get overwhelming. I’d love to also see an “Upcoming” view for notes linked to calendar events over the next 3-5 days. I run Agenda next to Things, so a similar workflow, where I can scan my upcoming tasks, meetings and prepare key points to cover in each meeting would be excellent. Keep up the great work!

I like very much, but..

I hope I can add the date at the note. as like 2018-06-12 Had discussion w. Tim ---- thank you

Cool concept but buggy

Agenda does a lot of things that I was hacking in a paper notebook, like in-content tagging of topics and people, so it seemed like a winner right out of the gate for me. Tying notes to meetings on your calendar is very cool. Unfortunately there are a ton of display bugs that keep me from moving to it ful time for my work notes. The bottoms of notes get cut off pretty often, and I have to move whatever note I’m trying to read to the top of the project. Which then takes things out of date order and defeats a lot of the purpose.

Love the Concept

Very well designed and thought out app. Love the ability to combine notes, calendar, and tasks. While the tasks part could use some additional capabilities, this really motivates you take notes, reflect/plan, and take action throughout the day. I also like the business model - much is free, but if you pay you get all the premium features plus whatever comes out within 12 months. After 12 months you haven’t lost anything and if you want to continue to get new premium features you can re-subscribe.

app is great and license model is perfection

i keep waffling between putting almost everything in the agenda app and then not using it for a while. when i am using it, it is great. i still have not unlocked premium features, i find the app fully functional and useful with the base, free version. even sync between destop and ios versions of the app works in the free version - and it is done through icloud, without having to make an agenda app account (so they are not using their customer information as an income stream, like many other developers). i plan on unlocking the premium features, not because i need them, but because i want to support this developer and this licensing model. i believe this developer has managed to strike a perfect balance between recurring revenue that is needed by any professional developer and the best interests of the users of the app. a great set of features is free! premium features, that are available at the time AND any that are added for the next full year, are unlocked *forever* when you buy them. this eschews subscriptions but still allows the developer to be paid for their work. i wish EVERY app would use this licensing model. bug fixes are forever, not just until the next major release and any features that you purchase are yours forever. all of this AND your data is really yours... they fully support all kinds of exports so that if, at any time, you decide the app is not for you, you can export your data and take it with you to another app. it truly doesn't get any better than this.

A good product - the design award is well deserved

This is a good product. It has a way to go before it takes over the world. It wants to replace apple notes and reminders and a few other things while adding functionaity to a note taking app. This is a great start. It need solid photo integration, it needs better integration with real task managers like Things and OmniFocus, it needs many other things, but this is a grreat start and a great looking program. The fact that it costs $24.95 should not be a shock to anyone. Good software costs. Anyway, lots of luck to the Agenda people…keep developing and you’ll get there

Exceptionally Stellar

The potential of this program is not obvious right away. I tried the app several months ago, but only recently, after giving it another chance, I just started to discover the gems of Agenda and it's horsepower. - The design is heavenly! It motivates. - Linking between projects is something I rely on. - A project's page is my canvas where I feel freedom. - Markdown support is implemented in a sexy way. I would love to see: - Rearranging checklist items with keyboard - Nested Projects or nested Categories. Please allow more than two levels.

it doesn’t supoort right to left

Why you don’t support RTL? I love it but it’s not useful for me 😔

Agenda stole Things App’s design

I agree that this is a beautiful app but it’s a complete ripp off of the Things app with an additional calendar. The difference here is Agenda is focusing on Notes while Things focuses on ToDo’s. I’m not sure why this is winning an design award though. It’s Things original design that seems less polished. With that being said, if I didn’t know Things existed I would say this app is pretty great. I still think Things organizes Projects and Areas better.

Price should be less for IOS+Mac combo

I like the app, but other competitors are offering similar for free. I would like to support your development team, but price should be around 19 dollars for the combo. Still users appreciate your work! Keep updating the app! Congrats!

Outstanding replacement for Evernote

I’ve been looking for an app with support across the Apple ecosystem that effectively ties notes to events for a long time. Agenda does that, with seamless syncing across devices AND, may I note, at one price for the premium features across all those devices. As someone who bought each individual platform’s versions of Things and paid dearly for the privilege, I greatly appreciate the developers’ approach. All I really wish for is attachment support, as well as share menu support; it can’t quite serve as my comprehensive external memory until I can drop things into it with copying and pasting. Overall very happy with the applications, would recommend to anyone.

Very good so far

This fills a gap that I’ve been trying to bridge between notes and actions. It’s easy to use and I keep it open all the time on my Mac. Linking to DevonThink Pro or Evernote is easy. Congratulatins on the Apple Design Award. Listen to the iMore interview on Vector with the developers. My only suggestion is to build out the use case examples. The app can do so much that it’s a bit hard to figure out exactly where to get started.

Good looking, simple to use, not quite complete

Ok, not quite complete FOR ME. I like the look of the application, good use of space and visual cues. Doesn’t overwhelm with options. For me, it’s akin to a cross between Dropbox Paper and Pagico. I wish it had the option to focus more on tasks. Putting checkmark boxes into a note is fine, but I would need to be able to put a due date on each one of them, much like DB Paper does, otherwise I end up with an overwhelming number notes, one for every single due-date. If the app gets to the point where it can really integrate my tasks, I’d be a customer. I’ll probably check it out again when the iOS app comes out.

Perfect for daily work log

I’m a software engineer and this app helps me keep track of my day. Beautifully designed, linking notes to meeting and dates in the free version improved my workflow so much that I couldn’t help but add the premium features. Thanks to the devs for adding software engineer flourishes like the sane github link conversion. Amazing! I’m looking forward to pen support and would love to see a bit more love given to code blocks and syntax highlighting. Congrats on the design award, you earned it!

Great for personal project management

I’ve been looking for something like this for a long, long time. As a grad student, I often have several long-running projects that I need to track over weeks, months, and sometimes even years. The journal-style project notes help me do that with chronological ordering and lightweight formatting with support for interspersed to-do lists (rather than forcing tasks into a separate area, free of context). I also appreciate how the calendar integration is just an association of note sections to calendar events; this supports my workflow where I need to budget time for general work topic without knowing which specific tasks will get completed. Lastly, I can confirm that the basic feature set is totally usable, if you’re unsure about paying for the premium features. The only additional features that I wish it had would be support for Apple Pencil on the iOS client and the ability to track time spent (as inferred by linked calendar events) over time.


Delete Bear, Todoist, Ulysses and any other "free” subscription-based apps that you have to pay monthly for. Agenda effectively ties organization, scheduling, and note-taking/short-form writing apps together for an awesome multi-platform (macOS/iOS) experience. I first downloaded it two months ago and have used it every day since for work and life (wish I had this back while I was still in law school). One of the best aspects of Agenda is the full-featured version (which is totally optional) is unlocked for a reasonable one-time fee. But even compared to other *more expensive* highly-acclaimed, one-time purchase apps (e.g., Things 3, Fantastical 2), I still prefer Agenda for practically everything. The Agenda interface seems more effective for my simple tasks, and more intuitive for more difficult ones. One notable example of this is the “Share” menu, which includes default options like “Send by Email”; ”Send with Messages”; ”AirDrop”; “Add to Notes”; and “Create Reminder,” as well as more personalized (yet automatically configured) options allowing sharing to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pocket, Evernote, MailMate, EagleFiler, and Simulator. Hovering over one of these sharing options presents an additional menu that allows you to choose the format, including standard formats, i.e., Notes, PDF, Markdown, as well as Agenda specific options, i.e., Agenda File, Agenda Link. Given the time it takes, I have written very few App Store reviews—and will only do so for apps that I am extremely impressed with, or extremely disappointed with. For an app like Agenda that has enhanced my life to the degree it has, however, writing a positive review to spread the word is the very least I would do.

Need to be able to select fonts. Period.

Either be able to select fonts, or default to system font everywhere and use absolutely nothing else. I am really, really sick and tired of all the app developers who presume to know what is the latest and greatest and most "elegant" font and force it on users. It is arrogance, plain and simple, and has unfortunately become quite the trend recently. Here’s a free tip for developers: I am not the only one who cares about this. You are losing hundreds and hundreds of customers for this reason alone. This is not even a debate. I uninstalled this after 2 minutes. I absolutely don’t even care about the features. Let me know when you add font selection.

A lot of potential

Agenda is a relatively new app that has a lot of potential. The design is beautiful and simple. Your notes sync to all your devices. Their business model is awesome and inovative (if you think it’s subscription, you show your lack of comprehension). It does lack some features here and there which I’m sure will come in the future, but it’s off to a great start and deserves high marks for starting well. I have the feeling that Agenda will become a staple for many people once it becomes more feature rich over the years. I look forward to seeing it progess. I can see it becoming an awesome CRM and planner for my business.

Please Add Support for Pencil on iPad Pro

Would be 5 stars, but missing two things… 1. Pencil support for iPad app 2. Import / Export to / from Evernote If you added these two things, I would gladly pay for this.

Don’t waste your money.

Sync doesn’t work, the Mac version of the application do not reflect your purchase of premium features across multiple devices. Creating a login to facilitate syncing is pointless because their sync server does not recognize your previously generated user account and there is no password reset feature available.

Good with some improvement suggestions

The app is good, well organized, easy and intuitive. I would like it to be more modular. So that I could have the list of notes appear on the left, optionally. So if I’m in the middle of working on a set of notes in a project, then I can jump around quickly, but if I need a higher level view, then I can turn off the notes appearing on the left lists. Also, I would like the option to view notes as cards so that I can quickly scan through many to find the one I’m looking for instead of having each note appear full screen across the app with all details showing. Then if I could reorder the cards by drag and drop that would be fantastic. I would like a little more metadata available on the notes level. So that I can have an option to always save the create date and the last modified date. And then have these dates available as an optional sort value. That way I can look for a note based on when I last modified it - so all the notes I updated last Monday for example; or the date I created it - so all the notes I created in April for example. A sort would make it to easier to locate by these fields, but a filter would be very useful also! Then I could see all the notes created in February across projects. With the notes being the lowest level of hierarchy, it would help to have multiple ways to work with them. Also being able to copy a note and add to a new project would be good - with a list of notes and a select feature that can be turned on - as some notes will apply to every category and/or project.

I’m confused about the new iOS app

I already paid for the full macOS app, but does that mean I have to pay for the premium features on iOS again?

Great App!

This is a great app, I cant believe it is free. The only missing feature (which I would definitely pay premium to have) is the ability to embed pdfs.

Better than Bear

Great app, much better than Bear (especially on the pricing model).

A Product With a Future, I Think

I was initially skeptical: note-taking is a crowded field and I have generally ended up disappointed, or at least underwhelmed with new products in that genre. Although it doesn’t have all of the features I would like in a note-taking app, it is new, very attractive, and seems to be headed in the right direction. The developer's responsiveness to its community is impressive. Aligning text-centric note-taking with calendar/dates makes a lot of sense to me. So far, Agenda doesn’t try to be a “do everything” app, so it doesn’t embed a lame drawing tool, nor does it pose as a general-purpose writing tool. It has some similarities with Bear, which I think will be its primary competition, although I haven’t found Bear to be any better at taking notes than any of the myriad of markdown editors. Agenda’s premium feature set includes export and import to and from markdown, so if it doesn’t thrive, my notes will be safe. I’m not convinced that Agenda's pricing model is any better than a subscription. Indeed, if they end up charging $25 every year for new features, that will be more expensive than Bear’s $15 per subscription. My four-star rating is based on accepting their promise that they will release an iOS app this year, and that the “premium feature” charge I paid for will cover that, too. This is important for me because I am much more likely to spend most of my time using that iOS version. If their iOS version matches the functionality of the current macOS version, I am definitely hooked.

10 mins in, and i love it

Easy to work with, very intuitive, already feeling better about getting my life organized, thanks!

I look forward to trying it when iOS arrives

I poked around, but a note taking app must be multi-device. I’m looking forward to seeing how well this performs, specifically with iOS.


Don’t make the same mistake that I and others have made (according to other reviews here) of purchasing (or according to their verbiage—“unlocking”) the premium features for $24.99 because in fact, you are paying $24.99 for absolutely nothing. It’s been 2 weeks that agenda received payment for my account in order to enable the premium features; however my account is still running as the free version. False advertising on top of just taking your money for absolutely no product/no service.

I had high hopes, but not as it is today

I wanted it to replace Evernote, but I find the Agenda system inflexible. I find myself spending more time pushing buttons than focusing on what I have to do for the day. There’s also some UI that’s not intuitive. I’ll just stick to Evernote until something better comes along.

Great concept, very buggy in significant ways

I tried this app and turns out it perfectly aligns with how I want to keep information organized for my work projects (and I've tried a lot of apps, always going back to plain notes). This can be lifechanging for me, when most of the bugs and performance issues are fixed. Now to the reason why 2 stars: it's very unpolished. :( * The sidebar glitches sometimes, e.g. you would add a category and it wouldn't appear until you restart the app. * It is very hard to figure out where the notes are clickable to be selected, dragged, or edited (title/text). The click zones are generally very frustrating, and catch you off guard, you always get not what you intended. * However, most of the bugs are in the text editing itself. Backspacing may or may not delete indents depending on situation. Text styles are preserved/reset from one line to another in an unpredictable way. For example, you would put a word in `backticks` and from that point other text will also be monospaced. * The biggest headache is undo. It's really frustrating. When you press cmd+z, first of all, the stuff that gets undone is unpredictable. Sometimes the whole note is cleared, sometimes a paragraph is gone, and sometimes it's just the last action. Second of all, there is a delay between you pressing cmd+z and anything actually happening. During that delay you think nothing happened and press it again, at which point you realize you triggered multiple undos, which means be ready for absolutely any random outcome. Redo is just as wonky. At this point I'm pretty sure that once all of that is fixed I will be happy to start buying new features every year, because I really want this app. However, it's very hard to use right now, and believe me I'm trying. Update: I'm bumping this to 3 after the dev response, because I really want this app to succeed. I think undo might've also been the cause of various "monospace stuck" kind of issues. After undoing, it might be in weird state where typing further would preserve wrong font. I agree that it's hard to reproduce, I haven't tried. The sidebar not having my category happened once, I added a new category and was trying to create new projects in it, they would also naturally not appear anywhere (to be clear: I made sure to look for a collapsed category, it was not there). After restart I saw my category and a bunch of untitled projects in it. Hard to reproduce as well. As far as other undo glitches: I was writing about undo in the latest version, so it still needs work. I will help reproduce if I find time, but right now pretty swamped.

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