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I hate to ask

I tried it or 30 seconds and found it will help me greatly with some engineering projects. Notes for a date and assigning it right there is very nice. My new home based goto. now, the question I have is, and I hate to say it, is it available for PC? lol. Just don’t have a mac at work.

I'm so ready...

... for something better than Evernote. And I can totally see Agenda being that app. Be proud of yourselves. You've made a better note-taking platform than Evernote. Excellent job! There's just two things holding me back from committing to it. 1. I have a team. My team needs access to my notes and I need access to theirs - in a simple manner. Evernote excelles at this sharing concept. 2. Some of my team are unable to install new apps (for a variety of reasons). A web-based note-taking app is essential for us.

Great Organization & Concept, But Hard to Use.

I love this app. That’s why I’m gonna write this review about all the things that can be FIXED and ADDED, to make it even better. :) This app is great and I would definitely recommend getting the free version, but here are the few things that need to be fixed for an enhanced user experience: - Text customization tools only show up when you click on a very particularly small dot, and has to be done for every line of text. Would be more helpful if it was on the top bar like most other text editing apps. Also there should be more options, such as highlighting and bullet points. - You can’t add charts nor images- both features that the apple Notes app (although the chart function is only possible through copy & paste) are able to do. - A suggestion: it would be incredibly helpful if— in addition to being able to connect the google calendar app— to be able to sync the REMINDERS app into this app! - Also, there should be an option to “collapse” notes so that only their titles show- for organization’s sake. With all this, this app will be suuuuperb.

Looking Forward to iOS

I am not going to be able to fully integrate it into my workflow yet, but since the app is stunning, I am really looking forward to it. To get a quick glimpse of how beautiful the app is click on the link for the website and watch the “show me how” video. So far the UI is a masterpiece.

Changing the way I work

I don’t think I’ve ever written an app review before, but Agenda is actually changing the way I work. The ability to link notes to my meetings, link notes to each other, create dynamic to-do lists that connect to the relevant information…I’ve felt more productive in the days since downloading it than I’ve felt in months.

This makes you pay a yearly fee absolutely no reason.

The app seems functional enough. Theres nothing I found special or anything that warranted special consideration, and that includes a needless mandatory yearly fee. You must pay, at the time of this writing, 25$ once every year to keep your notes. So far I have seen no utility or tool that allows you to bulk download your notes should you elect to discontinue using this app. Maybe I’ve just been using apps and programs for too long. I’m not middle aged “yet" but I can say most of my life I’ve had a computer. Some applications deserve to be called SaaS, or Software as a Service. A simple note taking app on the Mac app store just like the dozens that came before it is not one of them. The problem with small apps that automatically subscribe to you is if you are at all a busy person with a standard credit card, you forget about fees that only rear their head once a year. There are plenty of free note apps that sync across devices and backup to iCloud that don’t have a yearly fee, let alone 25$. The functionality is here, but the price is not. Great marketing, pretty animated graphics… that’s what your subscription will be paying for. One star based on value with the hope that developers wise up and just charge for a new version of the software every few years.

Excited for this app

I’m looking forward to what’s in store for this app. I’ve been trying to find a way to use the apps that come standard on iOS devices and on the Mac in hopes to get them to all work together somehow. The theory is that I don’t have to rely on an outside company to keep my workflow going in the even they should be bought out or fold. Standard apps will always be there, you know? The biggest draw for me was the fact that this app allows you to link notes to your calendar and to a specific event. I needed this feature. It was the one thing I found lacking trying to make Notes, Reminders, and Calendar to work together so I could slowly move away from a standard planner. Trying this app out for a little bit has me think that this could work for me. I can easily see it replacing my current planning system once an iOS version is released. I’m excited to see where this is going and hope this will be around for a while!

Free to try- No brainer

I have had this for about a day but I will go ahead and throw out five stars atm due to it being free to try and an absolutely gorgeous app that has obvious basic functionality. I’ll update review. My first impression is that its one of those apps that, at its core, is easy to simply take notes, but has a great deal more functionality for those who want to utilize it. You can immediatly just take notes but then explore around the app to find neat and useful features. You can click on a note and that places it on your “Agenda,” which you can click on. It’s sounds simple, but its extremely effective. There are other features that I am playing around with now but need more time to determine their usefulness. I could see this app taking the place of my existing note-taking solutions on my Mac in time. It doesn’t do everything I need but it performs as advertised extremely well. Once it has an ios app, I can envision incorporating Agenda into my existing workflows. It has a neat introduction animation that "sort of" explains what the app is. It’s difficult to describe this app simply by saying its a note-taking app. The app has sample notes, which you can delete before you start using. My suggestion is to keep the sample notes because they do a great job of explaining just how you can use this app. I’d also suggest importing Apple notes since that will give you a great idea about the app functions, though, I’d suggest the developers add the ability to selectively import Apple notes and other file types like plain text docs. For example, I’d like to use Agenda for a project, then archive the project in Devonthink Pro Office when done and be able to import it back if I have to reopen the project, or use the old project as a template. I highly suggest trying this app out. It’s beautiful in its execution and you can tell the developers really put a lot of thought and effort in creating it. It’d be nice to know when the ios app is going to be released and if the 24.99 yearly subscription for Pro features would cover that as well. Also, it seems like the sky is the limit with this app. There are still plenty of features that I am sure people will want that they will introduce but since it already has an import/export function, I am comfortable putting data in here since I can easily get it out if I have issues.

looks promising... [edited]

This thing looks nice, has many power features. I like trying out notes and todo apps. I'd be willing to give it a real go, but without a companion ipad app, it's a non-starter. If we could have mobile versions, I'd pay for a year to give this a shot. Is there a way to paste images, add "tables" like the native mac/ios notes app? It would be great if a paid app were a superset of features. [edit] Ah - I should have read the other review in which the developer said an iOS version is coming. When that arrives, I'll come back and try this out again.

Awsome noting app

This noting application is awsome and has a beautifull view and i really like it But there is one problem in this app and that is doesn’t have good security like put password or touch id for the notes

Love it

Exactly what I needed. I was actually trying to do this on paper- with many little notebooks for different projects, but then they’d get misplaced or i’d forget about some and i had to calender things separtely. I thought I still wanted to use paper and pencil until I found this. This app is perfect for tracking many projects and ideas at once while keeping them organized and unforgotten. It also looks better and is way more affordable than trello, too. trello’s been good for groups in offices I’ve worked at, but this feels way better for me as an individual. And while you can write notes on trello, this makes it easier to organize and see them cause they aren’t just comments on tasks. Also, I thought I wanted to have it connect to my google calendar, where I keep everything else, but then I realized I would have to be connected to the internet at all times to see it, so it’s actually better that it’s connecting to my apple calender app. (so long as it uptates it all to my phone, once the phone version comes out.

Its great but

It’s great but It needs to be available for all platforms; play store and apple products as well. I wish it could also connect to Icoud and GDrive as well

Perfect but…..

its a great app. BUT please bring it to iOS asap. I cant look at my agenda when I am on the road or in a meeeting.

No way to format text

I am new to this app and I like this app as we can consolidate all notes at one place instead of having separate text files. BUT I don’t see any option to format text like change font size, color, type etc. All it can do is bold italics, underline, heading style etc. - What if I want to highlight few lines with a different color - How can I change font size of some notes vs others - How can I change the spacing between lines when I am writing long notes? Default font size makes long notes look like long paragrahs and have to scroll though everything. If I want to have different font for different notes or lines of text there seem to be no provision for this. Am I missing something here? Pleae help.

A good start, lots of potential

I initially downloaded this app for use at work, hoping it could address some of the challenges I have with OneNote and Evernote … while the calendar integration is amazing (wow, thank you, didn’t even realize I wanted that!), Agenda is not syncing with MacOS Calendar (and I work in a Microsoft Exchange environment). This one feature dictates how likely it is that I would switch over from OneNote/Evernote. If that gets fixed, I would migrate to Agenda … although I have not seen a mass note-import feature in Agenda to make this as painless as possible (I’ll keep looking in case I missed it). The one other feature that I wish SOMEONE would incorporate into a note-taking app (come on, Agenda peeps — you can be the first!) is a feature that allows you to tag items discussed in the current meeting that need to go on the agenda for a future meeting, so that when you plan those future meetings, those agendas (perhaps a template is needed so that you could start as many future draft agendas as needed?) are pre-populated with the items previously designated for follow-up. I am in charge of the topics for a senior-level WEEKLY meeting. This one feature would shave hours off of my prep time each week, especially time lost trying to keep track of the dozens of things this team discusses and makes decisions about. For now, I will probably use this more for personal projects and meetings that live in Google Calendar. Just downloaded the latest update; excited to see what’s new. Thank you for your work so far!

Its good, and they are always improving it.

I’ve come here to update my review. The last two updates that came very quickly in the past month have really fixed a lot of the little issues i previously had with this app. The developer is very responsive to the in app feedback and followed up with me informing me week later they fixed the specific issues I ran into and told them about while using the app. Its a good foundation and I’m excited to see what they build on top of it going forweard. If this past month is any indication they will be building out a bunch of fixes and features very quickly. I highly recomend this app.

beautiful design and function

I just downloaded this today and haven’t really put it through its paces and seeing if I can integrate it with my OmniFocus-based system. But so far I’m very impressed with the UI and functionality and love the simple organizational logic.


I never thought I needed it but the app just shows how much you are missing. A must have for anyone who wants to stay organized in life.

Life-changing app, but needs more syncing

So, quick and to the point: this app makes life with meetings easier. I can tie prep and follow-up notes to meetings very easily. Keeping context is a breeze. However, I have other ancilliary note apps that I need to be able to sync with. This includes deltas in Apple Notes, and Evernote. I also need the ability to tie PDFs in so I can just take a photo of hand-written notes taken in meetings. A mobile app would be good, too, but that's not as important to me. Paper is my preferred mobile platform for notes mid-meeting.

The idea is good but there are problems

Problems: * The app keeps crashing * When you copy the conten of a note and paste to Google Docs the formatting is terrible

awesome but...

It’s an awesome app. I didn’t gave it the 5 stars nor buying it the premium just for the reason that it didn’t work on iPad and iphone as well. When that happens for sure 5 stars and premium will be bought inmediately. Any chances that will happen in the future?

Read this before you consider “upgrading"

I just took this app for a significant test drive. This is an un-finished, product. The "team" is two people who clearly spend more time and money on WHAT you see rather than WHAT you get. There have been MANY requests for very simple updates, and while you can see these two individuals spending a great deal of time replying to every comment under five stars both here and on their site, we have yet to see an update where they implement the basic functionality it lacks. I assume the App Store placement is due to crowd or parent funding. Here are my qualms… – Okay, so the name of the app is “Agenda”, yet to add an event to your calendar, you must upgrade to “Premium”. – Clearly the developer forgot about the Mac Share menu, where you can simply right click and send the selected content wherever you want, whether that be a calendar or note app. They have not re-written the functionality of Google Calendar or I-Cal. The name of the event is what you write in the field. – They use misleading language to reference the calendar upgrade. It is simply a google calendar widget. It has absolutely NOTHING to do with the content of the notes. So, if you want to create an event in your own calendar with a title that you create, you can upgrade and they will put a widget in there. Thats IT. At first I thought that the name of the note would sync to the title of the event and the body to the notes section of google, but NO. So that means the notes title, content and any tasks you have written have nothing to do with their calendar integration. – This focus on past, present and future? ITS A DIARY. – Basic text formatting shortcuts works throughout, but there is no formatting menu – you cannot highlight – you cannot change the colors of your text – You only have access to preformatted styles rather, NO fonts and definitely no access to system fonts. – NO attachments or images, inline or links. When they do add this feature it will be in two stages. First local links and then inline images (I guess a year from now) So you cannot drag an image in there, and eventually, when they do allow it, it will be a local link rather than seeing it. – NO integrations – no tables – no chrome or safari extension to save content – and definitely no sending screenshots or images since the app cannot handle it. – no columns. – no mac menu bar item for “quick add" or anything like that – There are no "view" options (like evernote). – THERE IS NO IOS APP – Any text you copy and paste FROM the app will be stripped of its basic formatting, if you would like to preserve your “bullets" you must upgrade to “premium" for 24.99 – If you decide to Print or save as a PDF, they WATERMARK the document. To remove a watermark, you must upgrade. – “saved search” are also an upgraded feature... Im not sure if they are referencing bolean search operaters or just making your tags VISIBLE in the sidebar. – From the way they explain your purchase, you will have access to all future features for free, which implies that any additional features for those that do not “upgrade" now will be extra. – The free version of evernote is more full featured. At first I was very excited about this app, but I find it to be very pretentious to even consider charging money for such an unfinished product. This app should be in Beta NOT on the app store, and if it is on the app store, it should be FREE until the customer is getting what they are paying for NOW. They charge for things that are NOT add-on’s, but functionality that is blocked. Meaning, they have gone out of their way to add a watermark to a pdf? So stripping that watermark is an add-on? I think not. Making copied text, plain text? That is not an add-on, that is delibrately removing a functionality (any formatted text pasted into a different app preserves its formatting), Unless its text editor. OH, but again, you can just right click, go to services, send to evernote or wherever else, and whatever you have highlighted has preserved its formatting. Just like this comment.

Great App and Idea

I would give it 5 stars and will when the ios version comes out. I hope when the ios version arrives it will support apple pencil ;-)

Great concept, needs improvements

I like the concept - it is odd that no one else have something similar. Seems so obvious in hindsight. It is now my default meetings planning and note-taking app. However, the current software is still a bit buggy and lacking a few key features. Critical bugs i. I cannot scroll down the calendar when I have many events in a single day. Basically the scroll in the calendar jumps back up immediately. ii. I cannot change the date on the right panel, or at the least, changing it does nothing to the events. Must-haves in future i. iOS app, ideally, an Android app too. ii. Shared projects iii. Code / syntax highlighting ala markdown.

Impressed with this app

I’m not sure what the complaints about font size were all about as I find the fonts perfectly acceptable but maybe they have been increased recently. This app is a smart approach to note taking and organizing. I would love to be able to see “todo items” listed in one place or at least a reminder for the note or the specific todo. I guess technically this could be done by adding a todo tag to each todo and then searching for the tag. I’ve found this handy for projects and as a “knowlege base” for collecting info.

Good so far

I’ve been using this for a few days now and I really like it as a note taking app. I have been using GoodNotes which is good for handwriting (and I’d love if when the Agenda ipad version is released, it has that capability) but is terrible for syncing. This is brilliant for syncing, and the internal formatting and so on are super helpful too. The developers are great at responding to feedback and keeping users informed of developments too, so it is a very promising app.

Just the App I have been looking for!

I have been searching for an app to fill out the gap I’ve been experiencing before between notes and Task Managers. This app seems to be one that is so promising that I purchased the premium right away to support the developper. So many possibilities with this attractive note-taking app. Although not perfect, yet the developpers are very much accomodating to Feature Requests and Problems encountered. (Look at the Updates to prove that!) I am still eagerly waiting for the ios counterpart. Overall amazing app! Satisfied user here!

Great concept

I really like the idea and the execution. Very refreshing and useful take on task management and notes. I bought the subscription in order to support the developers which have done a really good job. A few critical things that I’m missing: - The ability to assign different colors to tags and projects - iOS App (they’re working on it) - Android App (a must!) - A proper web client for access on non-mac computers Keep up the good work!

Gem of an idea

Love the intent behind Agenda. I really need the ability to include PDF documents in my agenda - basically the handouts associated with a meeting.

Neat idea, not useful without iOS version

Now-a-days any Mac calendar/note taking/task management application is useless if it does not have an iOS version for an iPhone and iPad. I like the general premise (but it does need to link with apps like "Things”), but I cannot use it at all without an iOS version… So, for now, two stars. Once the iOS version comes out, I’ll re-evaluate.

Looks shiny. End up with dissapointment.

The concept of this app is pretty shiny. It tries to connect documents thoughout timeline. But implementation has a spacey room to be better. I bought premimum purchase with high hope, but eventually dissapointed. * No inline image. For me, that is a serious deal breaker. * Text size is so monotone. I am fan of markdown base editors. But this one is not support markdown editing - only import and export. * Calendar integration is clumsy. It integrated with mac local calendar. So it's very slow to sync changed info. All in all, this app has still long way to go. But I do have hope that this app is gonna work out one day. I hope makers of the app will figure things out to make more usable app.

Great concept

I love the concept, which brings a new dimmension to note taking. I think this app will be very popular when it becomes more usable. In my opinion, it was released too soon. The app constantly crashed on me forcing me to abandon using it further. I’ll watch for updates and start using it again once the bugs are worked out. To the developers…Keep going. You’ve got a winner. Update to my previous review: The crashing issues seem to be fixed. Because of that I updated my rating to 4 starts. The developers seem to be very responsive and are good at communicating with customers that make suggestions. I’m really looking forward to watching this app evolve.


I wish this app was available on iPhone and iPad! It’s been cool so far, though.

Need iOS App ASAP!

The OSX version is really good. Will upgrade rating and even purchase premium when iOS version is here.

Has potential, lets see….

App is clean and fairly intutive, tracks things well—really like using it. But I’m going to ding it (especially as a g-mail calendar user), because the calender function is not free. Doesn’t make sense to make this a premium feature since you can always add discriptions to calender events. Meh.

Great concept. Please keep the improvements coming.

So, I don’t review very many apps, but here is one that I think could have some legs with a little more work. I had gone from Evernote to Apple Notes a few years ago, and just sort of lived with it as a place to capture (and sort of organize) thoughts, I moved 3000 or so notes in Agenda and am pretty happy so far. I started using this app for work and personal notes, so here are a few things that would help make this app fit my workflow a bit better. - I do wish that there was a iPhone/iPad app - i may be at a conference or meeting without my laptop and need to take a note and this is a pretty important function for me which Evernote and Apple Notes does via sync. - I need to disable some of the calendars from the right-hand pane. I have the calendars of my team in Fantastical and am able to disable everyone except mine pretty easily so that I can plan my day. Currently, it looks like you display every calendar that is installed in calendar with no options of hiding calendars. This is not a show stopper, but limits the usefulness of the right hand pain for planning the day as 80% of my calendar items are not mine. - Things integration. I know that this app has lightweight task management tools, but frankly they are not going to compete with Things or OmniFocus in terms of schedulign recurring tasks, planning, setting up contexts and GTD in general… I can definitly see a route to get there, but until they do it would be great to be able to link a Agenda Note to a Thing task and vice versa (or even show my todays tasks under the calendar on ther ight hand pane. On the non-functional side, if I want to move a note from one project to another it is really slow like roughly 25-30 seconds. I am not sure if this is because of the volume of notes that I imported, but it should probbly also be addressed. Anyway, really do like the app so far and hope to see this one continue to improve.

This app is a half-baked mess

What is immediately obvious, is that this app’s interface “borrows" very heavily from Things 3, but without any of the elegance or thoughtful workflow. There’s a hodgepodge of features that just overwhelmes the senses, the keyboard shortcuts are terrible if non-existent, the text editor is poorly designed and ridden with bugs, and it just ultimately feels like a sloppy clone of Things 3 rather than a genuine effort to make a useful product.

Can This App Be Used on iPad and iPhone?

When you establish an account there is some reference to using the app on all your devices, but I can’t find the app on my iPad. Anyone know what the deal is?

Good as it is but needs a lot of work

I picked this up and bought the premium features since $17.99 seemed a reasonable bet. I like the layout up to a point. The ability to have multiple tabbed pages in a project would be a real boon, especially on very large projects with multiple phases and lots of docs to import. For a limited number of notes per product, it is very functional. Attachments are easy and you can drag images into the notes easily. It does not, however give you a preview of images and only opened those that were pulled from web pages, not local images or those on Google Drive or icloud. Only the finder came up on those. Documents can also be dropped in but it only brought up the finder on local docs. The inability to write in Markdown was a serious con from our point where Markdown has become the way we write and then publish to PDF, Docx, HTML, ePub, rich text or publish out to WordPress. The formating keys are just another set of shortcuts to learn. Since there are no plans to change from this to standard Markdown, it remains to be seen if we will adopt it. The program, curiously, can export and import Markdown. However, that option just requires a second application to use Markdown effectively. Not much of an issue unless you use Markdown. Integrations with other apps are somewhat sparse at the moment but more are planned as are the companion apps in iOS. All in all I think this has the makings of an excellent app and should work well for the majority of people. I’m looking forward to seeing where it goes.

Waiting for iOS complements

So far, this looks like an excellent app, very usefull and well-designed. But I need an app like this that syncs across iOS - both iPhone and iPad. When they arrive, I will give this a good try. Any time-frames?

Really Good Start, but Immature with no multi-platform support

I recently went about looking for a replacement for a free-form database I had used called MiniNotePro. It was older, not really having new features and it was only a single lever note collector. But it was great for dumping free form information and then searching. For instance account numbers/PINS, those serial numbers and models numbers for all your entertainment system. Parts that you order often. Quick lookup for your Cable 800 number and account number I also used it to house customer accounts, domain information and key database info It had a reasonable search in it. Notes, by Apple, might go a little step above this NOW, but not back then, so I decided against it. I looked at some other contenders: Evernote,Quip, Simplenote, Bear, OneNote, Dropbox Paper, etc. All of these were either way too complex to use (OneNote, Evernote) or didnt provide structuring a note panel (i.e. indenting, not one level) Oh yeah, a MUST is that the app needs to be multi-platform across Mac and iOS devices. Then I see this app advertised on the App Store. This has the right idea, I believe. It supports the multiple tier note structure I want. It has a few nice additions to be able to keep up with checklists and some style formatting. You can put visible notations of people (ie. if they attended a meeting or were assigned something, but there’s no way to really follow up other than just plain searching. It does have a nice link to your calendar but if you are looking to PUT something on that calendar you’ll have to pay to do that. On the downside, is that it seems that the most common of programming things slipped through the cracks. The word processing has glitches and occasionally loses itself on the line, which can be frustraing. Scrolling sometimes flickers and jumbles things up. The worst thing, is that there is NO support across platforms. SO, it’s a Mac-only app, with no iOS support for anything. There is a provision for exports things, but they put a nasty watermark on those, and you, yes, have to pay to get those removed. It works out to be $1.50 per month per year, but even at that low price, it’s not worth it without multi platform support for me. I get the idea that the company might be thinking about doing an iOS app, but even if they do that will be some what down the road I think. If you are looking for a Mac or Mackbook note taker that is free form and also has some structure, you can’t go wrong with trying it. It’s free and packs a good amount of little niceties that step it up over Notes. However, the fact that Notes IS multi-platform and actively syncs through iCloud (and it’s free) makes it a better competitor. There’s probably NOT much chance that Apple will massively enhance NOTES over the next few years, so I’ll be watching THIS app to see if and how it matures.

Maybe someday but probably not

It sounds like a a good idea: an app that assigns notes to projects and makes continuos narratives from them. It looks like Markdown under the hood, but the developer says it isn’t. The yellow-orange color is hard on my eyes, and the font size is too small, but they are not too bad. Figuring out how to work everything is not quite as good as it could be, but not bad either. It’s a decent implementation of a good idea. There are two major problems, though. There’s no ios version, and that’s a complete deal breaker. The developer say an ios version is in the works, though, If I were going to use this at all, it would be at the core of my workflow, and then it has to run on both macos and ios. Even if there were an ios version, there’s the question of how it would integrate into my workflow. I am never going to use this app to replace my next action lists (sorry, yes, GTD), so there has to be some path back and forth. I just don’t see anything that would make it fast and easy to get stuff in and out of a modern todo list app. More sharing options would be a good thing. Email alone looks like a headache. So maybe someday if there’s an ios app, but probably not because the benefit probably doesn’t justify the additional workflow burden.


It is OK, but should be still in Beta. It is like a more advanced version of Apple Notes. I read “What’s new in version 1.2” and was intreseted “nested lists”. There is no menue item for nested lists. The online manual is still incoplete (has a title/placeholder for lists but no text or other information). The developers should have spent more time finishing this app and polishing it before releasing it. There are other issues some already mentioned in other reviews. At this time this app is not as good as Apple Notes, but I will keep an eye on it (it has great potential).

Love it - Where’s the iPhone App??

Love this app but would be so much happier if I could sync it across my icloud devices. Mac app is super well put together but where’s the iPhone app?

Agenda is the note-taking app I’ve been waiting for!

Finally! A developer gets the concept of what a note-taking app should feature and be designed like. The UI is simple, elegant yet highly efficient and a joy to use. I’ve already moved away from using MacOS Notes. I use Agenda to manage my notes in all aspects of my life- business, medical, my Youtube channel, etc. I extend a huge congrats and well-done to the developers!

Good. Could Become Great.

Great app! It takes the best of Bear Notes, but rather than being primarily organized by hashtags, Agenda primarily organizes by date. The cool thing is, there are plenty of other ways to connect one note to another. I’ll be happy to see a way to include pictures into notes as well as a way to view the most prominently used hashtags. Once there’s an iOS app to match it, I’m replacing Bear with Agenda.

Love the concept. Will wait for iPad App though

I downloaded the MacOS version. It’s good. Love the concept and can’t wait to integrate it. But, I mainly use my iPad for meetings and would want Apple Pencil integration because sometimes you can’t really use a keyboard (noise, body position, etc). Something along the lines of what OneNote does on iPad, but with the Agenda system and UI. Having the ability to use keyboard/type, photos, graphics, and Apple Pencil is a huge benefit of OneNote. You get that into an iPad version of this app, and you’re set (in my view, at least)!

Innovative but lacking too many features to be reliable enough

Agenda is an innovative and elegant app aiming at revolutionalizing the workflow of Mac power users. At this stage, though, it lacks too many features to deliver its promises. No in-line images, no iOS counterpart, etc. Agenda has a lot of potential to become, one day, the core of any workflow system on the Mac (and iOS). Not now, yet.

A Very Good Concept Missing A Critical Feature

The concept is great. One can effortlessly view past, present, and future and pull needed information in any direction. The vision the developers have is one that many of us have been expecting someone to do for a very long time. The vision, as I see it, is to make one app that integrates our notes, our calendar, our task, our list…all together in one app that we can easily make changes to said items as quickly as life dictates those changes need to be made. there is one gleaming oversight: for this to be realistic we NEED THE ABILITY TO CREATE REMINDERS. As great as this idea is, the task, appointments… all mean very little if we are unable to be reminded of them. As much as I love the app I will continue to use 3 seperate ones: a calendar app, a notes app, and a to do app until i can create reminders in Agenda.

Good Addition to Work Flow

I am using this app to keep meeting notes and daily ‘do' lists. The most recent update addressed an issue I was having with pasteing but it seems very stable now so my only key frustration has been addressed. It's great to see that the developers are proactive in addressing issues. It is a clean interface, organized visually without being overly designed. I did upgrade to pro so I can tie it to my calendar. It does see it in the app in context to my day but it would be great if it also added it - or had the option - to add it as an event. That would help me track time on projects or when I was working on a specific project. A small request - or maybe I have not discovered the setting yet - would be to view calendar time in the 12 hour format but that is just a personal preferance. Great app and I am happy I discovered it. I look forward to the future developments and even now think it is a good addition to my workflow.

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